3D Boden Fliesen
3D Glas Fliesen, Boden

Photo Ceramic

Photo ceramic is produced by digital printing and baked at 860 ° C. The ceramic tiles have a long service life without significant wear. We offer ceramic tiles in the dimensions 30 x 30cm, 25 x 20cm, 20 x 20cm and everything below. Photo ceramic, for example, are also very good for the bathroom and the kitchen.
This tile is made in Germany. The photo-ceramic tiles are provided with digital printing and baked at just under 1000 ° C. We manufacture you in all possible formats. It is an old method of tile design that has been digitized in our time. For printing we need an image resolution of about 150 dpi. The higher the quality (resolution), the better the result will be. In ceramic printing, it is possible to transfer 90% of the color. Sometimes, however, the color changes slightly after firing.

Photo Tiles

Decorate your home with photo tiles of your choice. Especially with the printing of tiles with your own picture, you clearly set yourself apart from the crowd. We help you to print your motif tiles and thus to shape your individual style in interior design. We are distinguished by our high-quality services at an attractive price. Also to make relatives happy, giving a tile with your own picture is an original and unique idea.

In classic white as a background, we have printed your photo tile and are happy to answer your questions and suggestions. The photo tiles are coated tiles and can only be used in the room. Direct sunlight would fade the photo tile.
If you are looking for a suitable image or motif, then you can certainly find a suitable in the photo bank „Shutterstock“. The picture will be free for you when you order. Please select the correct format with the appropriate resolution.

3D Tiles

3D glass tiles: The glass tiles are made of 1 mm crystal glass and 8 mm ceramic substrate, and the glass backside is printed by digital printing and glued to the ceramic substrate. It is then baked at 1200 ° C. For underfloor heating or wall heating we recommend crystal glass tiles. The tile sizes are 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 30cm & the thickness 10 mm. These tiles can be used indoors and outdoors for wall and floor use. These tiles are available with 3D printing effect.
Glass tile is very good print quality and washable as usual. You can use these glass tiles for bathroom, shower and in the restaurant as a wall and floor tiles. Glass tiles for floor can easily be matted.

Glass Plates

The glass plates are made of 8mm glass. From behind, the image is applied by digital printing and then sealed with a special varnish. These glass plates are suitable for the wall. We can also make special sizes for questions. The standard glass plate size is 25 cm x 40 cm and the thickness 8mm.